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United Colors of Benetton is well known as the hippest brand of clothing being worn. Located in Italy, everything they make speaks loudly about its owner. Recently they started producing diapers with the same supreme level of quality and style. For the hip in Europe, these became the only choice for mothers who wanted all there friends to be jealous.
Now we have the same opportunity here in America. United Colors of Benetton has begun imported small amounts of these premium disposable diapers. If you want your child to be the cutest child around, then order these online, and have them delivered to your door in 3-4 days!

Benetton Diapers

Imported from Italy

Size 1 Unisex (8-14 lbs)
Size 2 Unisex (12-18 lbs)
Size 3 Unisex (16-28 lbs)
Size 4 Unisex (22-37 lbs)
Size 5 Unisex (over 27 lbs)

Features Italian Prints!!